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TeacherSITY, TeacherSITY, a collaborative initiative of THE GURUKUL TRUST, is a pan India response. to empower principals and teachers enabling them to evolve professionally and personally, such that they equip themselves, intellectually, academically and spiritually to be able to support student needs. The mission of TeacherSITY is to empower school leaders and teachers as skilled, committed, inspired, reflective and responsive professionals.

Besteacher Awards  is the latest initiative by TeacherSITY to identify, recognize, acknowledge and publically reward the best talents in the teaching community who are excelling in their fields, impacting the lives of children. . << To Know More >>

Best Management Institutes in India
World wide research indicates that teachers are pivotal to the school success and learner's performance. The Gurukul Trust therefore launched TeacherSITY - a major initiative in 2007 as an empowerment platform for reinventing and supporting teachers and school leaders in sync with 21st century needs.<< To Know More >>

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The GurukulTrust launched PrincipalsFORUM during National Conference of School Principals, held in New Delhi on November 8th-9th, 2012. Principals FORUM is a movement, a program and a web portal. In any or all of its avatars, the professional and personal challenges, opportunities and needs of the principals and their schools would be addressed. It is collaboration virtual; through the web and physical; through conclaves, round tables, conferences and other modes, amongst teachers, principals, researchers, trainers, institutions, schools and school administrators in providing quality education conforming to global standards.<<To Know More>>


TeacherSITY has already trained more than 10,000 teachers and 1000 school principals over the past several years through Continuous Professional Development(CPD) programs, workshops and school leadership development programs.

In strategic partnership with ACER - Australian Council of Education & Research, TeacherSITY has for two years conducted International Benchmarking Tests for some of the independent private schools across India.

TeacherSITY has also partnered with IEA: International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement - world’s most reputed educational assessment and evaluation body. IEA has since 1957, conducted Trends in Mathematics and Science Study. TIMSS tests/surveys are designed to evaluate the soundness of any country’s school system. IEA is supported by Lynch School of Education, Boston College for assessment research and practice.

TeacherSITY has developed a complete program of school based Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) on behalf of CBSE. It has trained around 400 teachers in assessments and evaluation in association with Navodaya Vidyalayas.

TeacherSITY has developed a course design, and course material for pre- service teacher education courses offered by IGNOU for three levels- Certificate, Diploma and Associate Degree.

TeacherSITY has initiated a program Talent and Excellence in Education(TEE) to create excellence in the field of school education. The Program TEE is a pre service teaching skill development program wherein promising fresh post graduates with strong academic credentials are motivated and inspired to opt for school teaching by visiting the campus of renowned universities across country. After stringent selection process, The selected candidates are provided induction and training for 10 months in residential mode for developing appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude required to create a teacher with a difference. Assured placement is provided to all the candidates on successful completion of the training.

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