PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) is an educational initiative of OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, Paris; that assesses the student learning. In its fourth global survey in the year 2009, it reported India at 73rd rank out of a total of 74 participating countries.

India’s schools are crying out for help. To inspire teachers and students to strive for more and achieve higher standards, we need to create heroes and role models at every level, at the city, state or national level. The achievers need to be recognized and acknowledged.

While we do that with the student achievers, the teachers who are pivotal to the student success must also be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded. Such public recognition and accolades, however humble, may bring some dignity to the profession of teaching.

With the concerns stated above, the “Best teacher award by TeacherSITY” has been conceptualized. The purpose is to enthuse and inspire millions of teachers across the educational landscape; to learn and perform well.

Media; print and electronic, would participate in giving wide publicity to the local heroes. It is open to teachers teaching any subject / any wing of the K 12 school from pre primary to class XII

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